GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) stations, in particular using CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Stations) sensors are nowadays the best option to establish geodetic networks that permit to materialize the fundamental reference frame of a country and/or to stream RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) corrections for geo-referencing (e.g., surveying) applications.

Services offered by TeroMovigo:

– Installation of GNSS CORS networks;

– Dedicated and flexible solutions to transmit and manage GNSS data for post-processing and RTK

– Definition and update of Geocentric reference frames based on Space Geodetic tools

– Estimation of accurate coordinates with respect to global and/or national reference frames


The determination of the height of a structure above mean sea level is necessary for many applications such as the construction of canals, dams and coastal defences and maps. Traditionally, heights are observed using geodetic levelling by measuring height differences between several points, benchmarks, along lines that cover the country. These levelling lines start at the tide gauge that defines the zero height.

Services offered by TeroMovigo:

– Gravity campaigns

– Geoid computation

– Installation of tide gauges


Geographical and Earth Sciences are increasingly relying on digital data processing, creating the need to develop infrastructures based on Information Technology that can respond to these data processing necessities. Geo-IT (Geoinformatics) intends, through the implementation and usage of geographic information systems (GIS), cloud-based solutions, remote sensing and cartography, to solve these challenges.

TeroMovigo develops innovative solutions that intend to leverage the state-of-the-art in the areas of applicability of GeoIT. Services offered by TeroMovigo:

– Automatic (TeroPoint) and dedicated estimation of coordinates with respect to global and national referentials.

– Management of GNSS networks (TeroNet) using web-services.

– Integrated software/hardware solutions to access remote devices.

– Automatization of procedures to estimate geo-products (e.g., water vapor, position time-series).


Geomatics refers to the processes related with the acquisition, analysis, interpretation, manipulation, edition and publication of spatial data. All these phases are covered by TeroMovigo, through the provision of services as well as the development of specific products.

Services provided by TeroMovigo:

– Topometric monitoring of structures.

– GIS Consulting.

– Production, validation and consulting of cartographic projects.

– Acquisition and processing of geo-data using UAV systems.


The quality and rigor of cartographic production are essential for a correct planning of the territory. TeroMovigo has experience in all stages of cartographic production, namely: flight plan, aerophotogrammetric support, aerotriangulation, restitution, editing and completion.

Data acquisition and processing using UAV systems, commonly called drones, using different sensors has been the main focus of our investigation and interests. UAV technology allows the monitoring and calculation of volumes in perimeters enclosed or difficult to access, visual and thermographic inspection of structures

(such as high voltage towers and lines or solar panels), cartographic production, altimetry models, support for precision agriculture (plant classification, plant counting, water management, phenotyping, among others).

Training & Formation

The permanent training and formation of personal is a fundamental component on the management of the human resources for any organization, particularly in the area of geo-applications where new tools and methodologies are coming available constantly. TeroMovigo members, with their academic background, have vast experience connecting the theoretical knowledge with practical experience, which is necessary to efficiently implement best practices for geo-data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Services offered by TeroMovigo:

– GNSS data acquisition and processing;

– UAV Operations;

– Operation of GNSS networks

– Gravimetric data acquisition and Geoid Computations

– Geomatics operations