What is TeroNet?

– TeroNet consists of an optimized set of tools integrated with a web platform to manage networks of GNSS permanent stations.
– Administrators can supervise the performance of the remote GNSS stations from any location / any time.
– Registered users can download RINEX in flexible ways.

How TeroNet works?

– TeroNet has two modes:

  1. Network Administration – manage stations and users (add, edit, remove, give special permissions); monitor the performance of the stations (check the status of the connection and data transmission); user accounting.
  2. Data Management – conversion from raw data to RINEX; RTK caster; data download by internal and external users.

– The Administrator(s) have access to a configurable automatic reports and warnings.
– TeroNet can be installed in any operating system (Linux preferred) because it is based on web-services.
– TeroNet can run on the cloud, a premium service offered by TeroMovigo.
– TeroNet can also be integrated with dedicated communication services provided by TeroMovigo in order to permit full remote access to the station without the need of a public fixed IP.


– Web platform permanently available – administrators can monitor and solve problems remotely.
– Independent of the vendor – it works with any GNSS brand and model. It permits to manage mixed equipments efficiently.
– Easy management of the GNSS networks and related services.
– User accounting.


– TeroNet Overview ( download )