Precision agriculture using field sensors and drones

What is TeroCrop?

TeroCrop is a web platform focused on precision agriculture.

The platform aims to facilitate the management of a crop, allowing quick and evidence-based decisions, with the help of several sensors in the field and UAV devices.

How does TeroCrop work?

The platform consists of a user-friendly interface with two main sections:

  1. A dashboard fed by multiple sensors in the field, capable of making continuous measurements of soil data (such as humidity and temperature), and atmospheric data (air temperature, rain, sunlight, wind, and others). These data, along with their historical records, can be accessed in real-time from anywhere.
  2. A mapping area which provides various plant and soil indices, such as Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). These indices are obtained in a smart and efficient manner through the utilization of UAV devices. Users can navigate between different flights and evaluate the crop's evolution over time. Additionally, georeferenced data collected in the field is displayed in this section. To facilitate visualization, users have the flexibility to superimpose various geographic representations, including rasters, polygons, lines, or points.


The purpose of the platform is to increase the efficiency of agricultural management by employing non-invasive methodologies that enable evidence-based decision-making with the aid of real-time data collection.

Through the platform, it becomes possible to enhance both the quality of the crop and its resulting products. Additionally, the platform has a positive environmental impact as it facilitates accurate decision-making regarding irrigation timing and identifies areas where needs are most critical.

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