Terrestrial gravity campaign
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The Centre for GIS, Qatar



Until 2020, Qatar used the outdated Qatar95 model; TeroMovigo's 2020 survey led to the precise QG2020 geoid, now tied to Qatar's vertical datum.

Up to 2020, the state of Qatar was using a geoid model (Qatar95) based on the OSU91A global model. This Qatar95 model was clearly outdated because the OSU91A global model had low accuracy and low spatial resolution and few terrestrial gravity data were included for the area.
To compute the new official geoid (QG2020) for the State of Qatar, purely based on gravity, TeroMovigo performed a terrestrial gravity campaign in February 2020 during which 399 new gravity and GNSS measurements were made, covering the whole country with an average spacing of 5 km. Using the Remove-Compute-Restore technique (based on EIGEN-6C4 global model) and Least-Squares Collocation, these gravity values were converted into the new geoid. The new geoid has been linked to the national vertical datum of Qatar, at the main fundamental benchmark.

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