Ocean Tide Loading Provider

Cloud service to compute ocean tide loading (OTL)


Since 2022 TeroMovigo is hosting a cloud service to compute ocean tide loading (OTL) which is the deformation of the Earth’s surface due to varying weight of the ocean tides. This deformation not only occurs over the oceans but is also felt over land and can reach up to 40 mm in amplitude. These deformations are observed by GNSS and need to be removed during the analysis of the data. To do so, a free ocean tide loading service was created that is hosted by Onsala Space Observatory which is part of Chalmers University Sweden. It is endorsed by the International Earth Rotation Service and used by hundreds of users each year.

TeroMovigo has the responsibility to compute these OTL corrections for the more recent ocean tide models such as FES2012, FES2014b, TPXO8 and TPXO9. Requests for OTL are made at the portal at http://holt.oso.chalmers.se/loading/ after which they are forwarded to our cloud service. Once the computations have finished, an email with results is sent to the user. TeroMovigo is doing this for free to support scientific research. The figure below presents the amplitude and phase-lag of the vertical loading for the main tidal period M2.



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