Converts raw measurements made during a campaign into gravity values

What is TeroGrav?

TeroGrav is a software package for processing raw gravity observations from relative spring gravimeters. The result is a list of mean gravity values for each observed point. It consists of a pre-processing module and an analysis module.

Pre-processing module

The spring in relative gravimeters elongates over time due to creep in the material. This drift, which can reach 0.1-1 mGal per day, is eliminated from the measurements. Furthermore, the data is pre-processed to remove the corrupting effect of the varying gravitational attraction of the Moon and Sun (around 0.1 mGal). For highly precise measurements, particularly for coastal stations, TeroGrav can also account for the effect of the varying gravitational attraction of ocean tides on the measurements (with an effect size of around 0.01 mGal).

Analysis module

Relative gravity observations only observe gravity differences. To convert them into absolute gravity values, they must be referenced to points with known absolute gravity values. Furthermore, in a normal gravity campaign, certain points are observed multiple times. Therefore, our analysis module employs a network adjustment using the least-squares method, which calculates precise mean gravity values for each point.


  • It can directly read the raw output from SCINTREX gravimeters (CG3M and CG5).
  • In addition to the dial value of LaCoste & Romberg gravimeters, it can use the voltage reading that indicates the position of the beam around the equilibrium position.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.
  • Incorporation of multiple gravimeters and absolute gravity points in a single network adjustment analysis.
  • Option to estimate the scale factor of gravimeters when multiple absolute gravity points in the network are observed.

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