Measurement of Ground Control Points
Data capture by drone
Aerial triangulation
Vectorization and classification
Field validation
PostgreSQL\PostGIS data conversion
Cartography homologation (NdD1)
Survey 1:500 scale


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TeroMovigo is undertaking a broad project in Olhão, Algarve, aimed at enhancing the city's transportation infrastructure. The project was initiated due to the congestion and safety concerns associated with the existing EN125 route, which traverses through the heart of Olhão.

The project started by measuring ground control points. Aerial imagery was then captured using advanced drone technology, enabling precise aerial triangulation and the creation of high-resolution orthophotos. These orthophotos were then vectorized and classified, forming the basis for detailed cartography that was homologated to the NdD1 scale. Also, surveys in 1:500 scale were done to better map some critical areas.

In addition to the cartographic work, TeroMovigo also played a crucial role in the cadastre of parcels along the proposed road route. This involved the accurate delineation and documentation of land boundaries, ensuring that the expropriation project for the new road is meticulously planned and executed.

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